Why It’s Important To Ensure Proper Pond Aeration

A pond is used for a variety of reasons, and whether it is to provide a whimsical backdrop, water cattle, or to serve as a private fishing spot, maintaining the health of the water will help ward off a plethora of common issues. Aeration systems are not only easy to install, but they require virtually no maintenance and help keep a bond healthy for any fish or other wildlife that rely on it. Before determining if an aeration system is necessary, be sure to understand the benefits it provides.

Oxygen Levels

Fish and the healthy bacteria that helps to dissolve solid waste relies on oxygen to survive, and stagnant water will likely experience substantial drops in oxygen over time. An aeration system is designed to circulate water and bring those portions of a pond that are short on oxygen to the surface, where it is reoxygenated. It will help keep fish healthy and eliminate an unexpected fish kill.

Reduce Scum Accumulation

Another common side effect of non-moving water is the formation of pond scum, which is a buildup of dangerous bacteria and algae. If left to its own devices it will completely cover the surface of a body of water and prevent the natural UVA and UVB rays of the sun from making their way below the surface. An aeration system helps stimulate beneficial bacteria growth and will prevent the water from becoming unhealthy and a breeding ground for dangerous fungus and insects.

Temperature Regulation

In a pond with no water movement, the water at the surface may be as much as 20 degrees warmer than that at the bottom. Not only does the extreme temperature change lead to health issues for fish, but it also limits the supply of good bacteria that is present. Proper aeration will circulate the water and reduce the temperature gradient to as little as 3 degrees from bottom to surface.

An aeration system will make any size pond more enjoyable by drastically reducing the amount of maintenance that is required. Living Water Aeration offers a wide selection of quality aeration and fountain systems and will help a property owner determine which setup will help them achieve clear water. Be sure to look at this website to learn more and take the first step in keeping a pond beautiful all season long.

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